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Transit vessels

We provide the total agency service for transit vessels proceeding by Russian territory to/from Saimaa Canal.

On the terms of international Agreement between Finland & Russia about the Saimaa Canal and according to the requests of the local authorities we coordinate all activities of all contractors in order to ensure the proper performance of the immigration & customary requirements for the best possible operation of the vessel arrange, according to the request, of the Master the pilot for the vessel.

On the request we can arrange for crew changes, ship’s stories, and technical, nautical and medical assistance.

The Russian area of Saimaa Canal.

Information for the Master.

1. The Master of the transit vessel shall:

  • inform ETA to Pilot station (i.Vihrevoy/l.Brusnitchnoe) through the Agent 24 hours prior. In case the passage to the Pilot station takes less than 24 hours – immediately upon leaving the last port of call (up to/down Saimaa Canal)
  • transmit the security report (ISPS information) to the agent (up to/down Saimaa Canal)

2. The Master of the transit vessel shall make VHF contact at least 2 hours before the time of vsl’s arrival at the Pilot station (up to Saimaa Canal)


Traffic management system

  • Call: Vysotsk Traffic
  • VHF channel: 12, 69

Vyborg Traffic Control communications

  • Call: Vyborg Radio 5
  • VHF channel: 12

Piloting matters

  • Call: Vyborg Pilot
  • VHF channel: 10

Safety communications

  • Call: Vyborg Radio 1
  • VHF channel: 16 

3. The place of Customs Examination of vessels – lock Brusnitchnoe (up to/ down Saimaa)

According to the Russian Customs Rules all transit vessels crossing the Russian water area must give to the representative of Customs the following documents:

  1. General Declaration* - 1 list
  2. Cargo Declaration* – 1 list
  3. Crew list and passenger list – 1 lists
  4. Manifest or Bill of Lading* (if cargo on board) – 1 list
  5. Ship Store Declaration – 1 list
  6. Crew Effects Declaration – 1 list
  7. Narcotic list - 1
  8. *Our agent help to fill in declarations

4. To give the agent the following documents (up to Saimaa)

  1. Crew list and passenger list – 1 lists
  2. Ship Store Declaration – 1 list
  3. Crew Effects Declaration – 1 list
  4. These documents will transmit to Finnish Border Guard and Customs by fax.

5. Lock Palli is the place of Border Guard Control (up to/ down Saimaa).

What is necessary:

  • to pass 1 crew list for Border Guard officer;
  • on application of officer to submit the seamen’s books.



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