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Cargo forwarding & brokerage

 We are providing a service of chartering broker. Can assist in finding tonnage for individual voyages and regular traffic as follow :

 -         Shipments between Russian ports Vyborg and Vysotsk on one side and Finnish seaports and the inner ports of Saimaa system on the other side.

 -         Shipping season from April till December inclusive.

 -         General, bulk and timber cargoes.
 -         Shipments from 1000 to 2550 tons
The vessels on the service are:


  Bulk carrier (Ro/Lo)



  • 2700 DWT, 1662 GT/BT, 712 NT
  • Length: 82,80 m; Breadth: 12,40 m; Draught: 4,35 m
  •  Bow ramp (length 7,0 m, breadth 5,5 m)
  • 1 box-shaped cargo hold: 3100 m3

  • We arrange full complex of cargo forwarding service with issuing of B/L’s at the ports of Vyborg and Vysotsk.



    Managing of waterage via port Vyborg : containers, wheeled technics, general cargoes, bulk cargoes.



    Managing of land transportation of cargoes from Vyborg further in .


    Managing of transportation of cargoes by inner waterways




    full service on delivering of cargoes from  freight forwarder to receiver;


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    -         customs formalities on import and export;



    <!--[if !supportLists]-->-         <!--[endif]-->consulting of experts in foreign-economic activity and tariff legislation.


    On your request we’ll work out a route of delivering of cargoes with the optimal end-to-end rates via port Vyborg .




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